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Web Design Portfolio for Clients in Victoria BC

Responsive web design work we have done for clients in Victoria BC and the surrounding area.

Used Everywhere

We thoroughly enjoyed working with the team from Used Everywhere.  Not only does the site look great, but it has some useful functionality built right in. The bulk of their traffic comes for the blog, so we wanted to ensure that it was responsive and was easy to read on any device.

web design showcase of usedeverywhere.comexample of responsive design for

Sea Cider

We first started working with Sea Cider when their site was hacked and they had asked us to assist in recovering the site. A short time later we were asked to redesign the site. Sea Cider fits into a unique category of “Agro-Tourism” and we needed to develop a site that not only showcased this unique category, but also was responsive and shared the unique product and story that came out of this stellar company.

example of responsive design for seacider.caexample of responsive design for

Doggy Doo Wagon

When we started coming up with ideas for the Doggy Doo Wagon, we took a look through some of their competitors websites. What we found was quite astounding.  Many of the competitors used photos of “doggy doo” or a dog in the process of making “doggy doo” as a main feature of the website.  We opted to go in the opposite direction for their web design and used a really clean layout with fresh, clean imagery. The results speak for themselves both in aesthetics and revenues.

web design showcase of doggydoowagon.comexample of responsive design for

Old Island Pest Control

Old Island Pest Control had two big objectives for their web design:  1. They wanted to show that they are environmentally friendly, and 2. they wanted to ensure that if someone came to the site on a smart phone it would be very easy to get the information they needed and call for service.  We gave them both of these plus a nicely designed website.

web design showcase of oldislandpestcontrol.comexample of responsive design for

bWEST Interactive

How could we not include our own website in our web design showcase? While we spend more time looking at our clients websites, as a web design company we do have to ensure that our site is good looking.

web design showcase of example of responsive design for

We have built some incredibly effective websites for some really great clients. We are spoiled living on Victoria BC, as there are so many great people to work with, along with a great lifestyle, and because Victoria is so culturally rich, we have plenty of inspiration to draw upon.

We would love to be involved in your next web design project, or a redesign of your existing site. Even if you don’t reside in Victoria BC, we can still design you a fantastic site that is visually appealing and provides a solid user experience.

Contact us to arrange a meeting or call to discuss how we can help.

These are a few of the great companies we have helped

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