Liberty Jane Patterns

bWEST saved Liberty Jane Clothing Thousands…

Liberty Jane Clothing contacted bWEST and asked us to complete an analysis of their primary commerce site, Their hope was that by fully leveraging Google Analytics we could help them increase profitability.

Like most small businesses, they used Google Analytics, but didn’t have it configured for maximum learning. We made changes, and then let the data run for a month. Typically we would like to gather more data, but the vast amount of traffic that their website received allowed us to make an accurate analysis much faster than usual. Our recommendations were specific and actionable. One recommendation was related to their Cost-Per-Click campaign and how it could be substantially improved. The changes we recommended would save the company over $8,000 in advertising costs on an annual basis, and would turn their CPC campaign into a money making venture. We walked the Liberty Jane Team through our recommendations and showed them how to more fully leverage Google Analytics. Here is what co-founder Jason Miles had to say about our work,

“We knew we were guessing about our Google Adwords keyword strategy. And while we were excited about the growth of our website traffic and overall sales, we didn’t have a really clear understanding of the value of various types of traffic. We wanted someone to teach us how to fully leverage Analytics and help us set things up right. The bWest team did more than that. They gave us a comprehensive set of recommendations. Plus they did a great job helping us modify our tracking code, refine our Google Analytics set-up, and interpret the information. Most importantly, in the two months since working with them we’ve run our CPC campaigns profitably – adding new customers that pay for themselves from day one. We are thrilled with the results and I’d highly recommend the bWest team to you.”

Jason Miles
Liberty Jane Clothing