search engine Optimization

Going beyond the keywords

You have gone to Google, and typed in a few keywords that are related to your business.

You scroll through the results, click to the next few pages and are not able to find your business.

Search engine optimization (SEO) is the art of having your website appear in the top search engine’s results for targeted keywords. SEO is a hugely competitive market as companies just like yours are also vying for the top positions.

At bWEST we take a different approach to SEO than other companies. We avoid all the tricks that will get your site ranked quickly, but then only drop after the next Google update.

We don’t necessarily focus on getting your site ranked number one for every keyword possible. We focus on driving traffic to your site and see the top rankings as a side effect. Instead of trying to trick the search engines into thinking your website is important enough to rank well, we make your website important so your site will rank well.

We find that our strategies provide a more solid baseline of traffic so that if Google updates its algorithm, then your site is less likely to lose traffic.

We play by Google’s rules to increase visibility. It works well for us and for our clients.