web development

The foundation of your marketing strategy

Your website is the foundation of your marketing strategy and often the first impression a prospect gets of your business.

You want to be sure it conveys the essence of your brand and is delivering on your goals whether that’s online sales, bookings, leads, education or awareness.

Have you had a look at your website on a mobile device? Chances are your customers and clients are frustrated trying to find information on the mobile version of your site.

We use a technique called “Responsive Design.” When a site is “responsive” the dimensions and size naturally adapt to the size of the screen you are using to view the page. Take a moment to resize this page within your browser and watch how the page elements change and adapt to the screen width.

Have a look at your website on your smart phone and then give us a call if you would like to start capturing more business with a clean, responsive and easy to navigate website.