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Foursquare is Getting Swarmed

Starting tomorrow, Foursquare is moving all check-ins to their new app called “Swarm“. Not to worry; all past check-ins, your friends and photos, will be automatically moved to Swarm, you don’t have to do a thing. Foursquare is also getting

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CASL – Canada’s Anti-Spam Legislation

I sense that there is a bit of panic going on regarding the new Canadian Anti-Spam Legislation (aka CASL).  I have received 8 emails recently from various companies and organizations asking that I “provide consent”, “opt-in” or “confirm subscription”. Some

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The 2014 Sochi-al Media Games

Gone are the times when the Winter Olympics were in our backyard. Who will ever forget the historic events that took place in Vancouver, such as Alex Bilodeau winning Canada’s first gold on home soil, Joannie Rochette skating her way

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Starbucks Just “Get’s It”…

… and not just because they’re a multi-billion dollar corporate giant. Starbucks is one of a few big brands that truly understands the value of social media and its ability to help them stay in touch with their customers, when

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UnResolutions for 2014

As much as we would love to have a bunch of BHAGs to chase all year long, we decided to take the low road and opted for a few ‘UNresolutions’ for 2014. Well, not totally, we still have a few aspirational goals.

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