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Is Snapchat the next great marketing tool?

Sure, most people view Snapchat as a way to send risqué photos that have a short-lived existence. But does Snapchat contain more value for businesses to potentially hone in on? Remember back when tools such as Facebook and Twitter faced

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The Future is Flat According to Apple

Apple has typically been the leader within the world of user interface design. It embraced the simplistic minimalist-style combined with the glossy look, letter-pressed effect with a splash of grunge. Apple did “design right” and everyone followed. Everyone Followed, that

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Mt. Fuji

Social Media in Japan

I’m in Japan for a few weeks, mostly to see family and do some travelling. Last week my kids and I climbed the irreverent Mt. Fuji which was absolutely breathtaking (pun intended). I had climbed it many years ago with

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Small Business Find ROI in Social Media

Or do they? A new study from Manta regarding the top concerns of more than 1,200 small-business (SMB) owners offers some keen insight into what it takes to succeed, and fail.  The report revelas that 49% of SMBs have increased time spent on social media

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