Wordcamp Victoria 2012

I attended, and spoke at, my third Wordcamp Victoria this weekend. I missed the morning sessions due to kid’s hockey games, but got there just in time for a nice Ambrosia lunch.

Photo: Rebecca Bollwitt (Credit: YYJ Pics)

The sessions I did hit were excellent, particularly Rebecca Bollwitt’s presentation on “Time Management with WordPress” and Craig Spence’s presenation on “Why WordPress Works So Well as a Dynamic Creative Writing Environment” and his Cosmic Chicken website.

But I must say the thing that struck me most about Wordcamp is just how many people were there, about 300. And when I queried the audience about 80% of them were there for the first time. I wasn’t able to get a good handle on who these peolpe were; business owners, writers, personal bloggers, but it would appear that the market has not been saturated.

WordPress, which seems like it’s been around for ages, is becoming even more popular as a blogging (and website) platform for the masses, and they are hungry to know how to use if more effectively.

My presentation was at 4:00PM, the end of the day and just before the after party, so a big thank you to those that attended as I’m sure you’re brains we already overflowing with ideas and ‘to dos’ by that time.

My slides are below with a special offer for Social Media Camp on the last slide as a thank you to those that attended, and those reading this post… 🙂

Leverage Social Media to Build Blog Community – Wordcamp Victoria

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