sobcon-vmc-350x149.jpgThe last eight months since I left the security of a regular pay cheque for the excitement of building my own business have been, well… exciting. There have been some incredible highs and some moments of doubt. And along the way I have met some wonderful, inspirational people and developed some valuable relationships. 

I have met so many people in the last eight months that have helped me in different ways, it really is hard to pin down which one, two or three have had the biggest impact. So what I thought I would do is recognize those people I met either on Twitter or as a direct result of Twitter (at a Tweetup or Twitter related group):

  1. The Victoria Twestival Gang: I raised my hand at a meeting one night in response to someone asking for volunteers to help put on a "twestival" to raise funds for a local charity. Twesti-what? I thought it sounded like fun and I had the time as I was just getting my new business off the ground. Little did I know that I was about to embark on a most amazing journey. I met and have become friends with a bunch of really good people. They taught me about selflessness and how to have fun while doing good.
  2. Scott MacDonald (Rocky Mountain Soap): Scott and I also met at a Tweetup – do you see a pattern here? I actually met Scott’s wife first at the Organic Islands Festival where they were exhibitors. Both of our wives are Japanese so they hit it off quite well as did Scott and I and we’ve become good friends. Thanks Twitter…
  3. Julien Smith (in over you head). I met Julien when he came to Victoria to speak at our Social Media Club. He delivered a thought provoking and unexpected presentation. I must admit I had not heard of Julien nor had I read the book he co-authored with Chris Brogan, Trust Agents. I was very familiar with, and a close follower of Chris Brogan, so I was expecting more of a marketing angle from Julien.  Instead Julien took us on a journey through how communications have evolved and the fabric of relationships and social capital. I got a chance to hang with Julien for a couple of days and was inspired to say "yes" more often…
  4. Brent Hammond (TrailBlazerSystem.com): Another relationship I can thank Tweetup for. I’ve never had a business coach before and I probably wouldn’t have one now had I not met Brent. His calm demeanor and interesting perspectives intrigued me enough to meet Brent for a coffee. Soon after that I had a business coach. I’ve been working with Brent since August and can safely say I wouldn’t have experienced the success I have without his guidance and inspiration. 

The people I would most like to meet, or even chat with on Twitter? Ev and Biz. Everyone I met listed above are a direct result of the simple 140 character messaging system developed by Ev and Biz. Thanks guys. 

Disclosure: this post is part of an entry to win a free trip to #SOBCon2010 (the Successful and Outstanding Bloggers Conference happening in Chicago, April 30 – May 2). 


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  1. Good post Chris. We are coming to the Island on a business trip and hope to connect with you (in person) for a coffee when we are there! I send you an email as details get confirmed.


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