How to Get Yourself Fired on Twitter

Picture 509.pngThere are plenty of blog posts about networking, building your brand, improving your career prospects and getting a job using social media tools like Twitter (and LinkedIn etc).

Most people don’t intend to get themselves fired using social media, but there sure are enough of them out there. Some are better than others at filtering what they say in public.

Unless you’re on TV or being filmed you may be able to get away with a few miscues. And then there are those that lack these filters, or any common sense, when it comes to what they’ll post on Twitter – a very public platform the content of which gets indexed by Google almost immediately and is therefore stored online forever (or a ong time anyway).

Top 10 Twitter Firings

This list of "Top 10 Twitter Firings" is both classic and mind boggling. Too bad Fox didn’t have the stones to fire Beck. 

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Have you ever posted something you regretted on Twitter? Please repost it in the comments below… 😉


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