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Month: November 2011

Google Plus for Business

Google Plus (G+) is not only another great way to connect with people on a more robust engaging platform, now with the launch of their “Brand Pages” it’s also an effective way to market your business, with some significant differences.

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WordCamp Victoria 2012

WordCamp Victoria 2012 I have had the pleasure of speaking at the last two WordCamps in Victoria and was thrilled to be asked to submit a proposal for the next one on January 14th, 2012. TOPIC: “Leveraging Social Media to

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Christmas Gifts for Geeks

Guest Post by Kim Perkins Is there a geek on your Christmas list this holiday season? Sometimes it can be hard to find gifts for the tech people on your list – or to find something that they don’t already

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Google Plus Plays Its Trump Card

It’s a competitive industry, and we all know that Facebook, Google and Twitter don’t really play fair, right? Well, Google is now playing its trump card! With the launch of Google+ “Brand Pages” and a new feature called “Direct Connect”,

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