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Social Media Meltdowns & How to Avoid Them

Chris Burdge - Feb 4th, 2014

Dirty DominosIt seems you can’t pick up a paper or turn on the TV recently without hearing about another company or brand that has faced the wrath of the ‘social media mob‘ for one transgression or another.

Whether it was an intern who thought that highjacking the #HurricaneSandy hashtag was a good idea to sell more widgets, or a fashionista that didn’t do enough research to understand that #Aurora was trending NOT because of the boutique’s overpriced shoes.

The presentation below offers a few simple tips to help you:

a) avoid having this happen to your company

b) help you manage the situation and minimize damage should you find yourself in the thick of it

PS – this presentation was created in PowerPoint and embedded on our blog using Google Drive in about 10 seconds. It’s quite easy to do and very handy as you can see. If you’d like to know how to do it drop me a note in the comments below.

Chris Burdge is the founder of bWEST Interactive. His passion & profession is helping clients leverage social media to create genuine and lasting relationships with their target audience and customers.

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