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Category: SEO

Your Klout Influences How Your Website Ranks in Search

social-bing-google.pngRanking well in natural search results is not just about having great content and lots of back links anymore. Although those criteria will always be critical to achieving a high page rank.

You’ve probably noticed that the search engines have been adding social media like Twitter to their natural (organic) search results over the last year. 

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Google Insights for Local Search

Picture 2.pngI don’t often write about SEO as there are companies and people better equipped to do so.

However, in working with a local client in the landscaping business to develop their Social Media Marketing plan, I came across something worthwhile in using Google Insights. If you haven’t checked it our before I highly recommend you do.

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Boost SEO with Twitter Lists

Twitter-List.jpgI came across this by accident recently and realized I’d stumbled onto something potentially powerful for SEO.

I was searching for something I had written in a tweet. The search results page (SERP) came up and low-and-behold it contained not only the tweet from my "sent" stream, but it also appeared in the stream of all of the lists I have been added to by followers.

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