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Month: January 2010

Blog Marketing for Business

278659657_e60d74ea68-300x200.jpgBlogs are the foundation of any social media marketing strategy. A blog can

  1. put a face on the brand
  2. demonstrate thought leadership
  3. improve your SEO (search engine optimization)
  4. create a dialogue with your customers and prospects
  5. give visitors a reason to return
  6. generate subscribers (email / RSS)
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Who Loves a Honda: Facebook

Picture 1.jpgI came across what appears to be a fairly new development in television advertising. It’s the first time I’ve seen it anyway. 

For years now advertisers have promoted their website URL in TV spots, usually at the end. However, at the end of this TV spot from Honda they display their Facebook page URL http://www.facebook.com/Honda which lands you on their "Wall" page (mistake #1 – more on that later). 

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Social Media 2010 – What Will You Do?

Picture 12.pngIf you didn’t get involved in social media last year you no doubt heard lots about it and either wondered what all the hoopla was about or thought of dipping your toe in the water.

Are you in the business of acquiring and keeping customers? If you answered "yes" then 2010 is the year to put social media to work for you. Why? Two reasons:

  1. Your customers are using social media  
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Realtor Social Media Workshop

Realtors learn how to leverage social media marketing to grow their business.

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Tony Hawk Twitter Treasure Hunt

TonyHawk_468x481.jpgI’ve been doing some research for a post on the best Social Media campaigns of 2009. When I starting reading about this campaign by Tony Hawk I couldn’t wait to gather the rest of the campaigns, I had to get it out right away. This is brilliant. 

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Hootsuite Upgrades Rock

hootsuite_logo.jpgIf you follow me on Twitter or subscribe to my blog, you’ll know that I am a huge fan of Hootsuite. In fact I teach courses on how to use and maximize Hootsuite. So I was thrilled when they announced a number of upgrades today.

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Twingerbread for Humanity

IMG_8265-1.JPGAs a parent and a homeowner I know how important it is to have a stable home and the role a house plays in creating an environment where children can thrive. I am blessed and grateful to have a home and two healthy children so when the opportunity arose to get involved with Habitat For Humanity and help others achieve their dream of owning a home I was happy to do so. 

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