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Responsive Design

Have you experienced the frustration of browsing the web using a smart phone or a tablet?

With many sites you need to navigate by pinching, swiping and scrolling just to find what you are looking for.

Have you had a look at your website on a mobile device? Chances are your customers and clients are experiencing a level of frustration when looking for information on your website.

We use a technique called “Responsive Design.” When a site is “responsive” the dimensions and size naturally adapt to the size of the screen you are using to view the page. Take a moment to resize this page within your browser and watch how the page elements change and adapt to the screen width.

Have a look at your website on your smart phone and then give bWEST a call if you would like to stop losing business from people that cannot navigate your site.

Give us a call 250.508.7761 or send us an email for more information or any questions about our services

These are a few of the great companies we have helped

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