social Media

Bringing Social Back to Social Media

We help you harness the power of social media to build relationships and establish trust with your target audience.

We also provide social media training to get you and your staff up-to-speed on the social media landscape, become adept with the most popular tools, and ensure you maximize your time online.

Social media tools like blogs, Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn have been around for years, and new ones like Quora, Google+ and Pinterest continue to appear, but companies are just starting to understand and tap into their value as a cost-effective way to connect with their customers and grow their businesses.

Reputation Management

A growing area of concern for companies is “reputation management.” Whether your business is engaged in social media or not, your customers, employees, investors, and prospects are talking about your company and its products.

Using powerful tools like ScoutLabs and Radian6, we monitor and analyze social media conversations across the web, including discussions about your business, products, employees, and competitors, to look for areas of opportunity.

Tracking and Analysis

Our expertise includes “Key Performance Indicator” (KPI) definition, tracking and analysis. You will receive regular, insightful and actionable reports on how your marketing program is performing and its return-on-investment.