Starbucks Just “Get’s It”…

Tweet-a-Coffee… and not just because they’re a multi-billion dollar corporate giant.

Starbucks is one of a few big brands that truly understands the value of social media and its ability to help them stay in touch with their customers, when and where it counts.

Clemens RettichCase in point. The other day I saw a tweet from a colleague, Clemens Rettich, asking about brand loyalty. I responded with one word “Starbucks”, to whom I am fiercely loyal because I love the coffee (Americano actually) and I know that I’m going to get the exact same experience every time, and I have the loyalty app on my phone.

Within a few minutes I get this tweet (above) from Starbucks Canada using @Tweetacoffee, their very cool tool that enables anyone to tweet a coffee to a friend or anyone actually. And if that wasn’t enough Starbucks even injected a little humour and personality into the convo which is all central to the brand.

Yes, Starbucks it did brighten my day, quite a bit in fact – thank you!

The take-away here is that you too can achieve this level of customer engagement with a simple monitoring tool like Hootsuite, SproutSocial, or TweetDeck. Create a few columns that enable you to follow your mentions and any keywords relevant to your brand. Track regularly and have a plan for what you’re going to do when an opportunity, or problem, arises.

Have you been impressed by a brand’s use of Twitter? Let me know in the comments box below. The best comment will get a Starbucks coffee, on me!


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1 thought on “Starbucks Just “Get’s It”…”

  1. No takers yet?

    I’ll an experience with a brand. While in Palm Springs I was researching to find a good Mexican Restaurant. My research led me to a restaurant called Guillermos Restaurant.

    All the reviews I read had said it was a fabulous restaurant: great food, superior service, excellent atmosphere.

    The part that really impressed me was that they replied to each and every review that someone made. The reviews were all across Yelp, Urban Spoon, Facebook, G+ TripAdvisor, and so many more. I was really impressed that they took the time to respond to each review with a unique and related follow up.

    After my reading I sent out a tweet mentioning how excited I was to have dinner at this restaurant, and not five minutes I received a reply from the restaurant. That level of interactivity really, really impressed me.

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