UnResolutions for 2014

As much as we would love to have a bunch of BHAGs to chase all year long, we decided to take the low road and opted for a few ‘UNresolutions’ for 2014. Well, not totally, we still have a few aspirational goals.

Chris B.

The dude formerly known as ‘bWEST’ has set the bar low for us.

  • Keep the Facebook tab in his browser closed from 9:00am – 5:00pm which should single-handedly increase his productivity by 37.5%.
  • Stop using the ellipses at the end of every tweet and use more Aposiopeses
  • Figure out how to market something on SnapChat.
  • And here is his only real resolution for 2013.

Chris W.

Our creative director and swiss army knife – he’s good at a lot of cool stuff including opening cans.

  • Stop getting angry when people type ‘hmmm…’ in status updates and emails.
  • Do more than just post pictures of hotdogs to my social media accounts.
  • Start creating more infographics before they go out of style.
  • Get a Dribbble.com invite and Hangout where are the cool web kids hang out.


Last year Matt went from co-op student to part-timer. This year our goal is to bring him on full-time and maybe even get him some OT. Matt unresolves to:

  • Transition my work schedule to that of a normal person. Currently it’s closer to 9pm-5am than it is to the usual 9am-5pm.
  • Begin my ascent of Everest (that’s what I named my student loan).
  • Purge my brain of useless sports stat lines and scores from the past two decades and fill those voids with useful information.
  • Prove that you don’t need to be named ‘Chris’ to succeed with bWEST!


Even our mascot and therapy dog who joined the team late last year has a few unresolutions.

  • Stop jumping on everyone that comes through the door.
  • Stop eating everything, including my bed.
  • Give the team something soft to pet on their way to the coffee maker.
  • Work a few more bones into my next contract.
  • Figure out this Twitter thing.

So there you have it – our unresolutions for the next 12 months. Bwest wishes from all of us here for whatever you have planned for 2014… 🙂

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