Facebook Engagement: How to Improve Your Brand’s Visibility

Let us admit it: if you want your business to do great, you really need Facebook visibility apart from getting ethical SEO services. Twitter is another thing but if you really want to do well in the social media sphere, Facebook is the first place to go.

Your Business Has a Facebook Page – Now What?

So your business has a Facebook page. Now what? It’s amazing to see many brands and businesses with thousands of followers, and hundreds of likes or dozens of comments on each post. And you look at your business page to see that you have a measly audience of 42 followers and that your most recent post has only garnered two likes.

Where did you go wrong?

Here is a situation: let us just say your business is new. That is absolutely fine; all businesses start new and unknown at some point in time.

However, you can still improve your performance on the social network giant even if you have a small and new business. All you need to do is to get your followers engaged!

Facebook Engagement? What is That?

Of course the goal of your Facebook page is simply not to post photos and status updates. Your business page is there to reach more people, and that will never happen if you do not engage your followers.

Facebook engagement refers to the likes, comments, shares, tags and other forms of interaction between you and your followers or fans.

Let’s say you have 50 followers, and you post an update or share something. Initially, your update will be visible on the feeds page of your followers—and that’s all that your brand or company will reach.

However, if one person comments on, likes or shares your post, that activity will be visible on the news feeds of his or her friends, extending the reach of your brand. If ten people comment on your post, and these ten people have 300 unique friends, your brand will quickly reach 3000 people all at one time. How much more if more people comment or like your content?

Now you begin to see why engagement is a critical factor.

How to Engage People

Now that we have established that, we come to the most important question – how does one keep his followers engaged?

USE PHOTOS – Do you know that people are bound to share photos and videos ten times more than posts without photos? Photos catch attention quickly so be sure to use them when sharing content.

MAKE POSTS SHORT – A study done on Facebook engagement shows that posts with fewer than 80 characters tend to get more engagement than posts longer than 80 characters? Why? Most people quickly scan through their feeds and do not take time to read long posts. Thus, messages delivered in shorter posts catch the attention more. This is the same reason why photos are effective and garner likes and comments even more.

ASK QUESTIONS – Make your followers feel important by valuing their opinions. Ask relevant questions, as this is sure to garner comments and replies.

END WITH A CALL TO ACTION – An empowering post that ends with a call to action, on the other hand attracts more likes.

MIND YOUR HOURS – Who is your target audience? If you’re targeting students or professionals, then you should also schedule your posts during the times when they are regularly online – which is after class or office hours. While most people are on mobile right now, research shows that posts done outside business hours have 20% engagement rates that those posted during work hours.

REMEMBER THE 3 E’S – Your posts should entertain. They should be interesting and fun. Second, they should educate. In other words, they should provide something of value to your followers. Lastly, they should empower. They should be encouraging and helpful, inviting them to take action. Your posts should have these three factors to capture the attention of your followers.

STICK TO YOUR TOPIC – Effective posts and updates are usually related to your service or business. However, they do not have to talk about your brand. There’s a fine line between sharing and hard-pressed advertizing, and the latter can turn people off. Remember that people come to Facebook to connect and be entertained; not to buy products. So lay off on the self-promotion and do not be afraid to talk about services or other topics related to your brand.

If you have not done these things yet, then now is the time to do them to further improve engagement on your page and reach more people on Facebook. Remember and apply these tips and see the difference.

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5 thoughts on “Facebook Engagement: How to Improve Your Brand’s Visibility”

  1. Images are awesome. They work really well. I have had the chance to cruise through the stats of some photographer friends, and it is amazing how quickly their Facebook pages grow.

    With this in mind I typically try to incorporate images to Facebook pages that are not neccessarily image heavy. I find that instead of just creating a status update I will actually use a related image and then put the text over top of the image. You get the power of an image combined with the information of an update.

  2. I think that I do a lot of the things mentioned in this article such as posting with photos and trying to engage fans with questions. Our posts are not too long either. However, we are having a hard time getting new followers in the first place!

    If we are new to Facebook, how would you suggest we get our first 25 or 50 followers?

  3. There’s a couple of ways to accomplish that. You could run a FaceBook contest to get some traction. But the followers will likely not be what you’re looking for. Another thing you can do is to directly invite your customers to follow you. If you don’t have customers, then maybe you built an email list. Also, don’t forget to invite your friends or to promote your FB page on every page of your site, or even to give coupons to those who like you (be careful with this one, FB and search engines might not like incentivizing). You could also allocate some budget for FB advertising and land people on a page that offers something of value to them and is only accessible for followers.
    Additionally, if you have good pieces of content (ebooks, white papers, research, case studies, etc) you can make them available with the “download with with a like/tweet” trick.

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