Social Media Success Story: Twelve Cubed

j_stuart_2_ds-1.jpgOur first Social Media Success Story of 2010 is "small in a BIG way". 

I’ve been reading about James Stuart’s Twelve Cubed creations and following him on Twitter for a while now. He is inspiring from both an environmental and social media perspective.

I caught up with James this morning and was delighted, but not surprised, to find that he blogs and talks just like he builds, succinct, to the point and with quality.


Chris: When did you first start using social media (blog, twitter, facebook, etc) as a marketing tactic?  


James: I used the social media at the suggestion of my Web Guy, David Hatchman from VSP media. 


Chris: What attracted you to social media?  


James: Low cost and high exposure


Chris: What was your first impression of Twitter? 

James: I think Twitter is a great way for people who are not that verbose to have a blog


Chris: What social media tools do you currently use?  


James: Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin


Chris: How has using social media affected your business? 


James: By us using Facebook and Twitter we have got exposure in the regular media.  We have been in The Vancouver Sun, The Victoria Times Colonist, The Ottawa Citizen, On TV with CTV and A Channel.  In online media, Treehugger, The Huffington Post, and a lot of other blogs


Chris: Do you have a particular success story you could share? 


James: Our website and Facebook page attracted the attention of Treehuger – the largest "green" site on the internet. We had a very complimentary article as a result of the exposure and as a result of that have had almost 2000 site visits this month referred from that article. 


Chris: What has surprised you most about using social media? 


James: How easy it is.


Chris: How much time do you spend on social media per day? E2O0950.jpg


James: 30 minutes


Chris: What advice would you give to companies just starting to use social media? 


James: Don’t go for quantity, go for quality 


Chris: What’s next for TwelveCubed and social media? 


James: Expanding our reach into Europe. By tracking where people are logging in from, our largest audience is in the UK, followed by Germany, so we are looking at how to get more exposure in that market, and the most cost effective way is through social media.

Thanks for taking the time to speak with us James. We wish you continued success with TwelveCubed. You can find James on Twitter at


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