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WordCamp Victoria 2012

Chris Burdge - Nov 24th, 2011

WordCamp Victoria 2012

I have had the pleasure of speaking at the last two WordCamps in Victoria and was thrilled to be asked to submit a proposal for the next one on January 14th, 2012.

TOPIC: “Leveraging Social Media to Generate Blog Community”, which sounds like a potential yawnfest, but I can assure you it will be informative if not riveting, assuming you want to generate a blog community.

LEVEL: Beginners

Whether you blog for profit or fun, there’s no sense blogging if you can’t generate traffic to the site and turn that traffic into community. Is there?

com·mu·ni·ty / kəˈmyo͞onitē/
Noun:  1). a unified body of individuals. 2). an interacting population of various kinds of individuals (as species) in a common location.

I will show you how to first develop a simple social media strategy, and then leverage tools like Google Plus, Facebook and Twitter to generate, manage and nurture a community.
It goes without saying that good content on a regular basis is a critical precursor to using social media, and there are plenty of other great presenters talking about that, so this session assumes you’ve got that part licked.

Chris Burdge is the founder of bWEST Interactive. His passion & profession is helping clients leverage social media to create genuine and lasting relationships with their target audience and customers.

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