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Social Media Club – Feb 23

Chris Burdge - Feb 27th, 2010

SMC-Feb-23.jpgThe February 23rd meeting featured a panel of 3 local retailers, all at different stages of development in their social media marketing strategies. Each video segment is about 10:00 minutes in length (YouTube’s limit). The panelists are: 

  1. Michael Stevulak: Owner/President, Scooter Underground
  2. Rod Phillips: Director, Buying & Marketing,
    Liquor Plus
  3. SMC-2.jpgScott McDonald: Marketing Coordinator, Rocky Mountain Soap Victoria

The panel was moderated by Ingrid Vaughan, GM, WestShore Chamber of Commerce. Key take-aways: 

  • Have a plan and work it.
  • Be concise and clearly convey your value proposition.
  • Communicate your company’s culture.
  • Engage in a dialogue (not a monologue).  
  • Build "social capital" aka good will. 

Part I: Moderator Ingrid introduces the panelists. Opening comments from Michael Stevulak and about half of Rod Phillips. 

Part II: Second half of Rod’s opening (interesting story about his first Tweet deal and first Twitter mistake) and all of Scott’s opening comments (great story about his initial foray into social media).

Part III:
 Moderator Ingrid poses questions to the panelists and they talk results.

How does Liquor Plus measure success? Simple, sales. Average sale = $25. Average Tweet Deal customer sale = $38 a 52% increase. 

Part IV:
Panelists take questions from the audience. 

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Chris Burdge is the founder of bWEST Interactive. His passion & profession is helping clients leverage social media to create genuine and lasting relationships with their target audience and customers.

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