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Are You Harbouring a Social Media Zombie

Social media channels come and go, they rise (and fall) in popularity. Do you remember Ello, the “Facebook killer” that was going to save the world.  Did you create an account? How about Google+? Yeah, I thought so.  After nine years of

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Four Websites and a SWDIDA

We hope you are enjoying the last remnants of summer as we slowly drift into fall and the kids gather up their stuff for back-to-school. We had a particularly busy summer launching 4 new websites for StressMarq Biosciences, Brad Maclaren(Realtor), Clapham’s

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Social Advertising 101

What is “Social Advertising”?  Social advertising is advertising that leverages information from social networks like Facebook, Instagram and Twitter, among others, to generate, target, and deliver advertising. Examples of social advertising within the presentation below use a specific social channel (and API) to collect social

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