Chris Whiteley

Web Swiss Army Knife

Web Development / SEO / Reverse Engineering

Hello! I am “the other Chris” from bWEST. Since 2012 I have been the official “Web Swiss Army Knife” for bWEST.

I have been gifted with the super power: “reverse engineering.” Ever since I was old enough to wield a screwdriver I have been taking things apart to see what makes them tick.

Now I take apart websites, & marketing campaigns to see how and why they are successful.

I like to start at the end, and work to the beginning. It’s the best way to see results: start with what you know and what your end goal is, then figure out how to get there.

It’s through this reverse engineering that I built up a solid rolodex of skills (web development, design, WordPress, SEO, Google Analytics, social media, content marketing – and a whole lot more).

I love numbers. I trust numbers more than I trust people.

Rarely do I make a decision without consulting analytics and statistics. A crystal ball would be super handy, but sadly all I have is a Magic 8 Ball.  This trust of numbers has served our clients well. I don’t guess, instead I consult the analytics, and work to reverse engineer what the competition is doing.

I am powered by Nostalgia and cheeseburgers.

I am an 80s kid through and through. I would rather watch The Goonies for the 63rd time than the latest Hollywood blockbuster.

I meet most of the criteria for being a Nerdy web developer.  I collect toys, play Dungeons & Dragons, obsesses over old-school marketing, and have an army of children (well at least enough for a jazz quartet).