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Chris Whiteley

Anyone can easily build their own website, the problem is, those websites aren’t very useful.

For more than ten years, Chris has dedicated himself to emerging technologies and building successful relationships and businesses with clients across the globe.

As a WordPress Developer, he has invested in managing web and social media projects for companies across Canada including Island BMW, Royal Oak Golf Course, Pennzoil Victoria, and Wallace Driving School. From personal blogs to corporate websites, Chris finds solutions to problems in imaginative ways.

Accolades – We All Have Them

Chris’ most recent accolades includes speaking at Social Media Camp in Victoria, where he invited bloggers to learn how to build a strong community around their blogs using social media to improve credibility and drive traffic.

As a part-time blogger, and a full-time developer, Chris thoroughly enjoys helping others grow their business through blogging and social media and overall making the Internet a more awesome place to be.

These are a few of the great companies we have helped

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